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We hope you enjoy the wealth of information on this site. Since 1989, Wilson Services, Inc has been serving home owners and light-commercial property owners with a multitude of skill sets. Our primary focus is on premium heating and cooling systems, both on installation, upgrading, and servicing the equipment that heats and cools your home and place of business.

In the 1990’s our focus was on new construction and working with builders. At the turn of the century our focus shifted towards working directly with home and property owners. As we march through the 2010’s, we have exclusive focus on retro-fitting systems in existing buildings and offering solutions to existing concerns in your home or business. Boiler, water heater, furnace and AC installation makes up the bulk of what we do. We have winded down our abilities to work on ‘modern systems’ installed by others in an effort to keep more focus on our customers that have had their heating and cooling systems installed by us.

The Importance of Hiring HVAC Pros

The HVAC industry is complex with many different applications and many different budget levels. Please consider the information in this site to be “general”, and we would be grateful to meet with you in person to discuss which of the ideas and content most specifically applies to your present and future projects.

HVAC systems (both entry level and advanced) all do the same thing, which is heat and cool. However, going “budget” on an HVAC installation can be a costly mistake. We routinely get phone calls with inquiries to work on or correct some issues that have appeared in relatively newer HVAC installations. We only work on certain brands when it comes to high-efficiency systems, and have more preference to work on systems we have installed.

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Economy Wins, Environment Loses?

A new national survey released today finds Americans once again prefer aesthetic home improvements – a refinished kitchen or bathroom – over money-saving improvements, such as energy-efficient windows or a high-efficiency furnace.

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2012 Hi Tech Heating Systems with Simply Living on ABC and Fox 6


Energy Consultants Save You Money!

Heating and cooling systems account for more than 56% of a homes energy use. With energy prices higher than ever before, is your home as efficient as it should be?

Improving energy efficiency is the simplest, most cost-effective way to combat rising fuel costs and make your home more comfortable. The first step is to understand the condition and performance of your home, winter or summer.

Wilson Services, Inc. provides home energy audits and Blower Door infiltration analysis to determine the most practical and cost-effective ways to increase the energy performance of your home. Often, a few targeted improvements can make a tremendous impact while helping you to avoid costly and unnecessary home improvement repairs.

A Home Energy Audit might confirm what you are thinking about problems in your home and could very likely find other issues that need to be addressed. Our expert consultants will prescribe practical solutions to resolve these issues. We have the diagnostic tools needed to analyze what the eyes cant see and the ability to locate whole house issues, that when resolved will provide a more comfortable and energy efficient place to live. Key factors in homeowner decision-making should include economic impact and estimated return on investment (ROI) of major improvements. Our in-depth Home Audit provides you with the tools needed to make wise decisions on future home improvements, and energy efficient changes for your home.

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Massachusetts Heating Contractor: Furnaces & Boilers

If you are looking for a professional heating contractor in Massachusetts then you have come to the right place. We specialize in all types of heating including, furnace repairs, boilers, radiant floor heating and especially Bosch, Buderus, and Viessmann boilers. The comfort of your home during the winter months depends on how well you maintain your heating system. To ensure your furnace or boiler functions properly, it is important to perform annual maintenance. Wilson has limited after-hours and weekend service, please call during normal working hours to arrange and/or ensure you are on our after hours/weekend list.

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If you are looking for an energy efficient home in Massachusetts and would like to speak to an expert, please call us today at 413-584-3317 or complete our our online request form.

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